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Obtain a wide selection of different shows that feature both harmonies and humour from talented creatives. Offering fun for everyone, our productions cater to a variety of audiences with creative content of the finest quality and performances such as Isle Of Woman, The Secret Garden, and Yes, Prime Minister. With more than 32 years of combined experience, we ensure that your venue’s audiences experience only quality theatre.

About Us

At Hordern Ciani Ltd, we understand that you want only the best shows at your venue. As a highly regarded theatre production company based in Yarley, we produce plays, shows, and musical theatre that tour around the country in fairly sizeable venues for all types of audiences throughout the UK. Associated with UK Theatre, we mainly specialise in quality interactive theatre along with creating new shows and unique concepts.

Established in 2015 by Katherine Mount and Teresa Barlow, the name ‘Hordern Ciani’ originates from Teresa’s mother’s maiden name and her great uncle’s name, which was Hordern. ‘Ciani’ is Katherine’s Italian name, which is pronounced ‘Char-Knee’.

Variety of Performances

From our Isle Of Woman show, which is an evening of harmonies and humour relating to feminine topics to Singalong Shows featuring gems from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, we feature numerous quality theatre performances throughout the UK to meet every type of audience. In 2017, the shows are dedicated to the 80s.

Our Mission

Our aim is to produce and create new, fresh, fun, thoughtful, and quality entertainment by drawing on our 32 years of combined experience in the industry to deliver popular theatre with wide appeal.

“One to Watch out for!”

“Just seen Isle Of Woman in Basildon. Fantastic production - music is ace! Well done to all, one to watch out for!”

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